“My coaching experience with Aileen has been great! I was going through a tough time with my small business and Aileen helped to regain some confidence in myself and also gave me a different perspective on things. Together, we set some daily and weekly actions that I could follow to make sure I was on track with my work. Over the course of three sessions, Aileen made me realise that I can say no to things and people especially when it means prioritising what’s really important for me in my business and what can really help me to make it sustainable. Aileen is a very kind, warm and professional coach. I always felt listened to and supported during our sessions and left each session feeling calmer and with a sense of uplift. Thanks so much Aileen for guiding me through this journey!”


“I found the Hypnotherapy Sessions with Aileen very beneficial. Although each exercise was different, I found them very easy to imagine and follow. Aileen voice was very calming throughout, and I felt relaxed and safe. I can easily pull them up in my mind if I need to if I am feeling anxious.”


“I found the sessions very interesting and helpful. We went in-depth about my way of thinking and feeling during the times I feel anxious. Aileen proposed an exercise which was very good and helped me find a way to deal with my worst feelings of anxiety by using the feeling of relief/calmness when it was over. That came on its own by the way Aileen ran the exercise, so it was a good result for me.   I felt like there was a definite breakthrough, focusing on a specific task. I would definitely do hypnotherapy again and would definitely recommend it and Aileen to other people who suffer from anxiety or nerves. I enjoyed my sessions. Thank you.” 


“There was a warm welcome, calm atmosphere, lovely smells, and comfortable couch.  I felt safe.  I understood what was happening, and that I was in control at all times.  The explanation of the trance like state being like reading a book and getting lost in the storyline rather than being hypnotised made it feel more real to me.

During the last session I was able to create a visualisation which helped me.  I found the tapping technique, as a way of interrupting my thoughts, helpful.  I would definitely recommend Aileen


Sessions were really good.  Aileen was thoughtful and took time to ask probing questions which then led to the sessions being more specific and helpful. There was a good conversation about the rationale of approach which works for me.  There was a discussion about how the treatment could be progressed so gave me a view of an achievable pathway ahead. 


You have a really calming voice, you didn’t talk to fast and delivered the sessions at a good pace.  I particularly enjoyed the stories about ‘the two wolves’, ‘the guest house’ and ‘the burden’ as I felt they were the most relatable to how I have been feeling of late.  I also liked the breathing exercises when you concentrate on your breathing and think about putting your thoughts on clouds and letting them float away, that was really helpful.  Thank you so much.


 I thought Aileen was a brilliant coach.  She understood my mindset and helped me see I was actually already doing a lot more than I thought I was and helped me make small changes that were not hard to do in the slightest to help me in my aim to lead a healthier lifestyle which I am still following. She understood that it would only take small tweaks to help me achieve my goal therefore she is a very good coach who listened and understood very well. 


Aileen has an excellent manner and approach to life coaching.  She is a very attentive listener.  She made me feel very comfortable and at ease to speak openly and honestly about the areas I wished to focus on.  She helped me to recognise the positive steps I was already taking to reach my goals and appropriately challenged me when I strayed into negative territory.  I would highly recommend. 


I’ve had sessions with Aileen for a few different purposes and i highly recommend her. She immediately puts you at ease and can help gently steer you to where you want to be. Her knowledge, patience and genuine wanting to help comes across very quickly which i believe is a big part. I felt safe in her space.  Thank you so much Aileen.


 I really enjoyed my time working with Aileen, she has a wonderful ability to put people at ease and has a creative approach to coaching that allows for a very person centred, flexible and responsive experience.  

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