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Releasing the tension in our bodies

By: Aileen Baxter

We carry lots of tension in our bodies often without realising it.  This week try and do this exercise as soon as you wake up, to start the day with a heightened awareness of your body. Start, by lying in bed, close your eyes and breathe slowly.  Make sure you don’t drift off again.  Squeeze every muscle in your body as tight so you can.  Focus on each body part starting with your toes, moving to your feet, your legs etc.  You are not trying to change anything just spend a few seconds being aware of the sensation in that area as you squeeze the muscles.  Once you’ve focussed on all the areas relax your muscles.  Focus on each body area again and notice how it feels now you are relaxed.  If you’ve time repeat the exercise before getting up and getting on with your day.

Photo by carlos aranda on Unsplash

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