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Mindful listening

By: Aileen Baxter

Mindful listening

You probably hear music daily, but how often do you truly listen to what you hear?

Why not aim to listen to at least one piece of music mindfully every day for as many days as you can?

Try and choose music you have never heard before. Settle into a comfortable position, and close your eyes if you can.

Listen to the music, don’t judge the song or create expectations; listen as neutrally as you can.

Explore the sounds, even if you are not enjoying them. Listen to the voices, the instruments. Let yourself experience the sound waves washing over you.

Try to separate out the voices and instruments. Listen to each individual and see how it interacts with the whole sound.

Your mind might wander as you are listening, but that’s ok. When you notice, gently bring your attention back to the music.

Happy listening.

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

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