image of person holding a love heart shape

Lovingkindness for others

By: Aileen Baxter

A loving heart can help reduce fear and anxiety and help with your general wellbeing. If you can, try and find 5-10 mins each day for a week to practice the following meditation.

Sit in a comfortable, alert position. Gradually become aware of your breathing. If you feel comfortable close your eyes.

Think of a person you love, this could be a partner, family member, child, friend, or pet. Whoever comes to mind for you.

Think of your reasons why you love this person. Spend a few moments thinking of all the reasons you love this person.

Move your attention to your body. What sensations can you notice. Maybe you notice warmth in your chest, tingling in your fingers.

Return to your mind. Think what well-being you wish this person, this might be joy, health, good wishes. Repeat your wishes a few times.

Return to your breath for a few moments before opening your eyes and returning to your day.

Each day see if you can bring to mind another person to send loving-kindness wishes to.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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