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Checking in with our bodies

By: Aileen Baxter

It can be useful to check in with our bodies and notice how we feel when we experience a particular emotion, for example anger. The next time you experience a strong emotion take a moment and notice what your body is doing. Are your fists clenched, is your jaw clenched, can you feel your heart racing. Try and bring curiosity to what you notice. You are not trying to make your anger go away, you are simply observing what is happening in your body.

You might find it helps to keep a journal, focus on the sensory details really trying to bring to mind how you felt in that moment. Write down what you were doing, what happened, who said what. You might find you begin to notice patterns or triggers.

Over time when you feel those same bodily reactions it can act an early warning system and maybe you won’t react. Or maybe you won’t react as strongly or for as long. Even if your behaviour doesn’t change you are aware. Don’t strive to stop your behaviour just acknowledge and if you can accept.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich: on Pexel

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