I’m Aileen Baxter

Holistic Therapist

Time to Breathe holistic therapy.  Supporting people with chronic pain to live the life they want.

As someone who has chronic pain, I turned to holistic therapy to help me deal with my pain.  I developed a mind-body approach combining movement, psychotherapy and mindfulness that helped me overcome my pain.

My approach may be for you if you have been suffering from pain for more than three months, or have the same pain coming back repeatedly.


My Holistic Therapy Approach

My evidence-based, tailored approach is designed to help you: Reduce your stress with mind-body methods such as mindfulness and guided imagery Create alternative thought patterns using techniques such as coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy Benefit from gentle movement with qigong and yoga to help reduce your pain and improve overall wellbeing Enhance your self-awareness of your body, thoughts and emotions with tools such as journaling and guided activities Stimulate your body's natural healing using simple self-massage and self-acupressure practices
my journey

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